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Two Cousins, R. Dolphin, P. L. Levieux, 106, 11. Revenant, Anthony, C. H. Wiéhe, 39.. 7 Trois Fréres, E. C. Nageon, E. C. 4 Colonial Vessels. 239. Australian Gold Coast Gypsy Women's Choir (1996) (Australian Gold Coast Gypsy Women's Choir) (Emma Records) Oct 8, 2019 Indian Cousins (2003) (Indian Cousins) (Emma Records) Oct 8, 2019 For the Love of Conventions (2006) (For the Love of Conventions) (Emma Records) See also Sarada Goud, another duo that has enjoyed a successful solo career Charu Chakravarthy References External links Cousinz Category:Sibling musical duos Category:Musical groups established in 1988 Category:Indian musical duos Category:Indian male singer-songwritersThe present invention relates to a method and apparatus for the transport of a self-supporting product, such as for example a closed or partly closed cylinder, tube, bag or package, through a fusing apparatus. U.S. Pat. No. 4,906,025 discloses a method for treating food products, such as bread, pasta, etc. wherein the product, e.g. bread, is pressed into a mold cavity. During this operation, the product is transported by means of conveyors with spaced retaining elements through a fusing apparatus in which the fusing of the product is effected by heating. The retaining elements cooperate with a retaining bar and the retaining elements, during transportation of the product through the fusing apparatus, bear against the sides of the product so as to keep the product against the retaining bar and the retaining elements. After being transported through the fusing apparatus, the product is discharged from the fusing apparatus. It is a drawback of this known method that the retaining elements are expensive to make and expensive to manufacture and handle, which in turn, are heavy. Moreover, the retaining elements bear against the product in such a manner that the product is only pressed against the retaining bar and the retaining elements without being pressed along the retaining bar. In addition, it is a drawback of the known method that the retaining elements must be kept in a certain position with respect to the retaining bar in order to ensure the desired pressure of the retaining elements ac619d1d87

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